Knowledge of the World
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French citizen
Home based in Bali (Indonesia)
Having been in 131 countries and Riding in more than 100 countries.
More than 500.000 kms on motorbike and Never stop enjoying !

My last international trip was from St-Tropez (France) to Bali (Indonesia) - 2019/2020 - click here

For the while due to Covid pandemia, I ride & explore Indonesia where we can ride freely.
My last Indonesian roadtrips were in Borneo (April 2021 & July 2021), Lombok - Sumbawa (dec.2021)

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My project for 2023.

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At present I organize some roadtrips exploring Indonesia (where I live).

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Don't worry, I will not teach you how to ride a motorbike :-)

However, I was riding in all the countries in Africa, except Erythrea. All the countries in Asia and South East Asia (including Australia), except Korea. All the countries in Central Asia including Russia. All the countries in Europe, except Sweden. In South-America, less experience with only 6 countries. I was riding too in America but it's not 'my cup of tea' !
That means I am not so young !
But 25 years in the brain :-)

My experience is based on long trips, crossing several countries, with different landscapes, roads and weather conditions.

The last one was from France to Indonesia during one year, crossing 25 countries and 41.000 kms. It was the opportunity to coach a woman (50 years) without any roadtrip and riding experience. And SHE DID IT ... !!

So, if you dream for a motorbike roadtrip but you are not comfortable and with a lot of questions in your head, don't hesitate to contact me.
It will be a pleasure to share my experiences !


Except traveling on motorbike, I am independant filmmaker and photographer collaborating with National Geographic and other media.

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